Submit a Manuscript

For European Journal of Psychology and Educational Research (EJPER), all submissions should be sent to as a Word file with extension doc or docx.

Papers should attempt to present research, innovations, theoretical and/or practical insights in relevant current literature and debates. Papers should include a full title, a short title for use as a running head, author name(s), affiliated institution name(s) and email address of the corresponding author. Submitted manuscripts should only be in English.

A manuscript should be no more than 10000 words; this limit includes figures, references, and tables. This does not impose an absolute page limit on manuscripts; longer manuscripts of merit can be published in the journal. Abstract should be less than 250 words.

Authors should be aware that they are addressing an international audience. Articles should present original work, and, where appropriate, should acknowledge any significant contribution by others. Manuscripts submitted to EJPER for review  should not have been accepted for publication elsewhere. As an author, you are required to secure permission if you want to reproduce any figure, table, or extract from the text of another source. This applies to direct reproduction as well as "derivative reproduction" (where you have created a new figure or table which derives substantially from a copyrighted source).

Corresponding author should always be willing to participate in peer review process and obliged to provide retractions or corrections of mistakes. A list of references should be included in the submitted paper. Grant/financial support should be stated in the paper if available. All authors are expected to contribute significantly to the research.

Page style: Articles should be typed in 12-point font on A4 page, paginated and double-spaced. Margins should be set as top & bottom: 2,5 cm and left & right 2,5 cm. The title should be followed by an abstract of 150-250 words and 3 to 5 keywords. Footnotes should be avoided and endnotes kept to a minimum. All pages should be numbered. Paper format including references should follow American Psychological Association (APA) (6th Edition) style. 

Paper template: Author(s) may use this template for their paper(s) (click to download). 

Tables and captions to illustrations: Tables must be typed out on the same document. Tables and figures should be numbered. The approximate position of tables and figures should be indicated in the paper. Captions should include keys to symbols.

Figures: All diagrams and photographs are termed "Figures" and should be numbered consecutively. Figures should be given short descriptive captions.